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Zindol® DS Calms Your Stomach Naturally

Made in the USA from a highly purified and potent ginger extract that is transformed into a honey-like liquid as golden as the sun in a unique and novel process. Encapsulated into an easy-to-swallow capsule in a proprietary formulation, Zindol® DS delivers clinically-tested, fast-acting, stomach- soothing relief.

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Sperol™ DS Natural Prostate

Made in the USA from native-grown saw palmetto that is converted into a patented, potent extract-filled gel capsule based on interactions with an enzyme, 5-alpha reductase, that is key to prostate function and hair health. Sperol™ DS provides excellent prostate support to men, and promotes healthy hair follicles.

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Xantol™ DS Emotional Well-Being

Made in the USA, Xantol™ DS is isolated from the bright-yellow flowers of St John's wort, in a patented process based on serotonin uptake inhibition that captures that plant's sunny disposition to make it available to those seeking a more natural aid for emotional well-being

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Cool Vitamin D™ Solar Goodness,
For Your Health

Sunshine aids the body's Vitamin D production, but its intake is sometimes limited by cloud cover, indoor activities and/or the very color of our skin. Cool Vitamin D™ provides essential Vitamin D for maintaining and improving cellular and immune function, and bone and body health - without any of the harmful effects of too much sun. Learn More | Purchase Cool Vitamin D™

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  • Zindol-DS-Carousel Zindol® DS Zindol® DS calms the stomach from upsets related to medications, pregnancy, surgery, motion, overeating and flatulence.
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  • Sperol-DS-Carousel Sperol™ DS Sperol™ DS promotes healthy prostate function and healthy hair follicles, attributes that promote well-being in men 50 years and older.
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  • Cool-Vitamin-D-Carousel COOL VITAMIN D™ Cool Vitamin D™ helps maintain and improve cellular and immune function, and bone and body health.
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  • Xantol-DS-Carousel Xantol™ DS Xantol™ DS, standardized on serotonin reuptake inhibition, promotes emotional well-being, relaxed outlook and positive mood.
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President & CEO Dr. Trevor P. Castor talks about the company and its prostate cancer program.

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