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Stress-Free is KeyStaying stress free 'key to looking young'

Scientists have revealed that stress is the real culprit behind grey hairs. The study, carried out on lab mice, suggest that constant worrying affects melanocyte stem cells, which produce the melanin pigment responsible for hair color.

35 and pregnantOver 35 and pregnant? What you need to know

Approximately 20 percent of women in the US have their first baby after age 35, and if you’re pregnant or trying to conceive, you might be worried about having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. If you're over 35, here are some things to consider.

health breastcancerNew test can help detect breast cancer a decade before it develops

Imagine being able to detect breast cancer a decade before it develops. Doctors are saying that dream may soon become a reality with a new test called ForeCYTE.

266791-ringA new, insertable intravaginal ring could prevent HIV in women

Scientists have developed an intravaginal ring that could help prevent women from being infected with HIV. The device is inserted and remains in place for 28 days, delivering a measured amount of the anti-retroviral tenofovir directly to the site of transmission.

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